It is a very interesting story about…

This is a very interesting story about a girl. Her name was Alisa. Alice loved to play with toys. His mother did not like it, because he did not eat or teach, in short, his life was uninteresting. He had no friends and lived almost alone. One day he asked his mother to take him to the yard. He did not know anyone and he felt alone without toys. But a girl approached him and said ․ -Who are you. “I’m Alisa,” he said, embarrassed. “Who did that girl ask at once?” “I am an ordinary girl,” she said. – Let’s play. My name is Anna. – Come on. And they went to play. – Let’s play catch. – What? – Let’s play with the hand. – What did he say again? – I say let’s play catch. -What is that. She said. “You don’t know,” said Anna. – No, I do not know, you can explain and we will play with each other. – I will explain well, look at the handle is a game, during which you have to catch the other, that is, one catches and the other has to run away from the catcher. You understand, it is a very easy game to understand. – Yes, I understood, let’s play. – Come on. And they went to play together. After that day, they became best friends, and after that day, Alice began to go out every day.

Once upon a time, there was…

Once upon a time there was a king. He was very self-confident. He had 2 children, one girl and one boy. The girl’s name was Anna and the boy’s name was Alex. They were very friendly and did not like the fact that their father was self-confident. One day they went to look around and saw that their friends had not arrived at their appointed time. They were surprised because they were always late, not their friends. They called one of their friends and he said ․ – We will not come to look with you, because you have offended us. And he hung up. The girl said to her brother ․ – They said that they do not want to be friends with us, they say that we have offended them. – But I do not understand what we did. “I said the girl, too.” “Well, let’s go for a walk together,” said the boy. – Come on. And they went to search. It turned out that their friends wanted to surprise them and when they went to look for him, they saw that something was wrong. And they said ․ -What is this. “I do not know,” said the boy. And they saw that their friends came out of a small crack and started giving presents. In fact, that day was a day of thanksgiving, and they too had prepared gifts for their friends. They ran home and handed the presents to their friends. Their friends liked their gifts very much and they happily went to look around.

Christmas Magic story

Was there a city called Christmas? Everyone there was very evil, very dissatisfied. Everyone was sad and lazy. Everyone did not have a home, that is, no one had a place to sleep. One day a poor boy went to look for food. He did not have a mother or a father. He felt alone. He went and saw a boy. He too was poor but happy and satisfied with what he had. He approached the boy և said ․ -What is your name. – My name is Alex. -How old are you. -11 years old. -And you. – I am also 11 years old. Let’s make friends. – Come on. And they began to wander together and find food. A few days later they were told that it was Christmas in two days. They were surprised and said ․ – What is that holiday? – Yes. “What are they doing that day?” They said. – On that day, everyone cooks eggs, fish and etc ․․․ They say ․ – Oooooo, what is interesting? – I liked that holiday, said one of them. I love fish and eggs very much. That girl said ․ – Well, since I understood that you do not have a house, come to our house, it is warm and interesting there. So they went to the girl’s house and got warm. That girl had a very good family. Do you remember that no one had a house but they were the only ones who had a house and a place to sleep. The girl took them to her room, so 2 days passed and Christmas came. They had a very happy Christmas և they started living in their house.

My dream world

This is how I imagine the world of my dreams ․․․

In the world of my dreams, everyone can live for free գնել buy food for free. I would like all the children to listen to their mother and father. And I want all people to be kind, smart, not to pollute our nature, and for all people to be happy in my city. And that all the children would be happy and happy.

My house

I live in Yerevan, in a large flat. There are two rooms in our flat-a living-room and a bedroom. There are a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet in our flat too. In our living-room we have a comfortable sofa, two armchairs, a table and a TV set. We like to spend our evenings in the living-room, watching TV or reading books. Our kitchen is not very large but it is nice and comfortable. Our bedroom is rather large with large bed and a wardrobe. I like my flat very much.

If I had a magic stick

If I had a magic stick I would travel to different countries every weekend. First of all I would travel to America, as my aunt lives there and I have never seen an ocean. Then I would buy beautiful presents for my mother every day. I would build a big house with a beautiful green garden in front of it and would live there with my family. If I had a magic stick I would do many other things too, for example I would make people in Armenia kinder and happier and would bring peace to my country.