It is a very interesting story about…

This is a very interesting story about a girl. Her name was Alisa. Alice loved to play with toys. His mother did not like it, because he did not eat or teach, in short, his life was uninteresting. He had no friends and lived almost alone. One day he asked his mother to take him to the yard. He did not know anyone and he felt alone without toys. But a girl approached him and said ․ -Who are you. “I’m Alisa,” he said, embarrassed. “Who did that girl ask at once?” “I am an ordinary girl,” she said. – Let’s play. My name is Anna. – Come on. And they went to play. – Let’s play catch. – What? – Let’s play with the hand. – What did he say again? – I say let’s play catch. -What is that. She said. “You don’t know,” said Anna. – No, I do not know, you can explain and we will play with each other. – I will explain well, look at the handle is a game, during which you have to catch the other, that is, one catches and the other has to run away from the catcher. You understand, it is a very easy game to understand. – Yes, I understood, let’s play. – Come on. And they went to play together. After that day, they became best friends, and after that day, Alice began to go out every day.

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