Christmas Magic story

Was there a city called Christmas? Everyone there was very evil, very dissatisfied. Everyone was sad and lazy. Everyone did not have a home, that is, no one had a place to sleep. One day a poor boy went to look for food. He did not have a mother or a father. He felt alone. He went and saw a boy. He too was poor but happy and satisfied with what he had. He approached the boy և said ․ -What is your name. – My name is Alex. -How old are you. -11 years old. -And you. – I am also 11 years old. Let’s make friends. – Come on. And they began to wander together and find food. A few days later they were told that it was Christmas in two days. They were surprised and said ․ – What is that holiday? – Yes. “What are they doing that day?” They said. – On that day, everyone cooks eggs, fish and etc ․․․ They say ․ – Oooooo, what is interesting? – I liked that holiday, said one of them. I love fish and eggs very much. That girl said ․ – Well, since I understood that you do not have a house, come to our house, it is warm and interesting there. So they went to the girl’s house and got warm. That girl had a very good family. Do you remember that no one had a house but they were the only ones who had a house and a place to sleep. The girl took them to her room, so 2 days passed and Christmas came. They had a very happy Christmas և they started living in their house.

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