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  1. I don’t like playing tennis.
  2. Do you like watchin soap operas on TV.
  3. My brother likes swimming in the sea.
  4. Her cat doesn’t like drink milk.
  1. I can juggle but I can’t swim.
  2. My Dad can stand on his head and he can walk on his hands.
  3. Tessa can play football but she can’t rollerblade.
  4. Kylie and Annie can’t sing but they can dance.
  1. A: Hi, Liz. What are you doing?
    B: I am reading a book.
  2. A: Can I talk to Claudia, please?
    B: No, sorry. She is having a shower.
  3. A: Are Peter and Angela here?
    B: Yes. They’re in the living room. They are watchin TV.
  4. A: Where’s Rick?
    B: He’s in Emma’s room. He is looking for a CD.
  5. A: Which girl is Caroline?
    B: That’s her, over there. See? She is dancing with Jack.
  1. entsin-tennis.
  2. lovelblyal-volleyball.
  3. ygrub-rugby.
  4. looflabt-football.
  5. askalbetbl-basketball.
  6. ycelc-cycle.
  7. yngsmstic-gymnastic.
  1. kitchen.
  2. fridge.
  3. living-room.
  4. table.
  5. bathroom.
  6. shower.
  7. sofa.
  8. bedroom.
  9. toilet.

May 15-19

  1. Katie is reading the book.
  2. Daisy is riding a bike.
  3. Ben and Liz are watching film.
  4. Max is drinking a coffee.
  5. Tom and Amy are eating an apple.
  6. Sam is playing football.
  1. In this picture Izzie is working.
  2. In this picture Mark is working.
  3. In this picture Ray is working.
  4. In picture 4 Darren want to stop playin football, because he is very tired.

April 3-7

April 3-7

How do you celebrate Easter in your family?

On Easter we go to church and bless the egg.

We sow wheat before Easter until Easter. Then on Easter day when it grows and becomes beautiful, we dye the eggs and put them in the wheat and put chicks.

Also on Easter we cook pilaf and fish etc…

This is how our happy Easter is going.

Extra Tasks

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Boys and girls should attend separate schools. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I think that boys and girls don’t have to study separately. In my opinion, it is not necessary to study together. 50/50 But when boys and girls study together, the day goes happily and enthusiastically.

If boys and girls attend the same schools and universities, they will get equal opportunities of education. When they are together, they will study in the same laboratories, attend the same libraries, and learn from the same professors. In contrast, if they are separated, most of countries would take care of boys’ education more than girls’. Thus, it is important to have boys and girls together, to have the same chances of learning at schools.

If boys and girls attend the same schools, they will have better personalities in future. They will learn to talk together without being afraid or shy of each other. They will communicate and work better in their future jobs. If they grew up in separate schools, they would tend to be timid and less cooperative at work in the future. Thus being together will ensure that they will be successful and creative in their professionals.

Attending school together will help them to have a wonderful relationships when they grown up. When boys and girls are together in the same place, they will get to know each other better. Boys will know what girls like and dislike, what their interests, and how to handle some emerging problems with them. The same thing, girls will know boys’ characters better. This helps them to be a great spouses or life partners in the future with successful families.

To sum up, some countries may encourage a separate school for boys and girls while others support coeducational school. I believe that the last one is better because it will help boys and girls to be more social individuals with strong personalities and gorgeous relationships. Also they will gain the same rights of having equal education.