English (camp) 2023

Hello to you. My name is Marianna Khachatryan. Today I will tell you about the winter camp. I chose comrade Mary’s squad. Comrade Mary’s squad is Mother’s squad. On the first day, because my friend Mary decided that this year our squad will be related to the Harry Potter novel, she said that we should be divided into faculties, first I went to “Slytherin” and then I went to “Ravenclaw”. . During Jambar, we played various competitions and games. For example, a quest. Almost every day we played quest. Also, we could invite our parents to talk about different topics. And our friend Mary gave us small gifts at the dinner party. And in the end, Slytherin won. This is how our jambar went.

English homework

  1. Antonio’s father is Canadian but his mother is Italian.
  2. We live is Rochester now, but my brother and I don’t like our new school.
  3. Hello, my name’s Christine.
  4. What’s your name?
  5. Hi, I’m Caroline.
  6. Karen’s got a really nice sister. Her name’s Patricaia.
  7. Jackie and Nigel live in Canterbury now but their sons are still in London.
  1. He studies Polish at school.
  2. She speaks English and Italian.
  3. We watches TV at the weekend.
  4. He finishes his homework before tea.
  5. My friend goes to jazz dance classes.
  6. They listens to music in their room.
  1. There are.
  2. There is.
  3. There are.
  4. Is there?
  5. Are there?
  6. Is there?

Places in towns-supermarket, market, railway station, bookshop, post office, library.

Family-son, chemist, parents, aunt, father, daughter, cousin, newsagent, uncle, mother.

Numbers-fifty, twenty one, fourteen, thirteen, seventy, eight, two, thirty.

  1. 67-sixty-seven.
  2. 1000-one-thousand.
  3. 84-eighty-four.
  4. 13-thirteen.
  5. 19-nineteen.
  6. 100-one-hundred.

About Yerevan

I was not born in Yerevan, but I have lived here since I was 5 years old. I love Yerevan very much, and I think that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with beautiful old and modern buildings, comfortable cafes and parks. My favorite places in Yerevan are the Republic Square and the building of Opera and Ballet. Yerevan looks more beautiful these days as it is decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas trees. When you walk in the streets you feel like in fairy tale. But most of oll I love the people who live in Yerevan, they are very kind and always help each other.

About my family❤️

Our family is a very happy family. We live in Yerevan. My mother is from Yerevan. And my father is also from Yerevan. My 2 brothers are also from Yerevan. And I am from Russia. I am not the only child in our family. There are 3 children in our house, me and my 2 brothers, one named Vahe and the other named Henrich. My mother’s name is Hasmik. My father’s name is Thomas. There are 5 people in our family. I love our family very much and always will.❤️❤️❤️