Once upon a time, there was…

Once upon a time there was a king. He was very self-confident. He had 2 children, one girl and one boy. The girl’s name was Anna and the boy’s name was Alex. They were very friendly and did not like the fact that their father was self-confident. One day they went to look around and saw that their friends had not arrived at their appointed time. They were surprised because they were always late, not their friends. They called one of their friends and he said ․ – We will not come to look with you, because you have offended us. And he hung up. The girl said to her brother ․ – They said that they do not want to be friends with us, they say that we have offended them. – But I do not understand what we did. “I said the girl, too.” “Well, let’s go for a walk together,” said the boy. – Come on. And they went to search. It turned out that their friends wanted to surprise them and when they went to look for him, they saw that something was wrong. And they said ․ -What is this. “I do not know,” said the boy. And they saw that their friends came out of a small crack and started giving presents. In fact, that day was a day of thanksgiving, and they too had prepared gifts for their friends. They ran home and handed the presents to their friends. Their friends liked their gifts very much and they happily went to look around.

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