English February 27- March 3English

English in Mind pages 4-7
I Sometimes watch TV, read the article and speak about Mavar and Calvin.
Vocabulary: Days of the week, TV programmes, telling the time.

Maria: Do you like play football?

Marianna: Yes, I like.

Maria: Do you like swimming?

Marianna: Yes, I like, but I can’t swim.

Maria: Do you sometimes watch TV?

Marianna. No, I usually watch TV.

Maria: How often you go to shopping?

Marianna: I go to shopping every day.

Marianna: I check my homework in 1 hour.

Maria: Really?

Marianna: Yes.

Maria: How often do you go to the cinema?

Marianna: I often go to the cinema. Because I like watch movies.

Maria: Do you eat banana?

Marianna: I often eat banana. Because I like them.

Marianna: I check my email ones a day.

Maria: I don’t I only check my email to or three times a week.

Maria: What your favorite book?

Marianna: My favorite book is Harry Potter.

  1. My mum checks her email twice a day.
  2. Tom eats fruit every day.
  3. Susan
  4. Harry plays football once a week.

100% always

90% usually

70% often

50% sometimes

10% hardly ever

0% never