Brother Rabbit has four carrots. He is very hangry. He wants to eat the carrots. But he thinks that his friend Brother Goat is hangry too. So he eats only two carrots. He wants to give the other two to Brother Goat. He is taking the two carrots and to runs to Brother Goats home. Brother Goat is not at home. So Brother Rabbit puts the two carrots on the table and rans away.


When Brother Rabbit comes home and sees the carrots on the table. Oh, what good friends Ive got! And I want to be a good friend too. I think that Brother Rabbit is hangry. So Brother Goat eats only one carrot, takes the other and runs to Brother Rabbit house.


Brother Rabbit is not at home. Brother Goat puts the carrot on the table and writs a letter, Dear Brother Rabbit! This carrot is for you.


Love from Brother Goat. When Brother Rabbit comes home, he sees the carrot and the letter, eats the carrot and thinks. Oh! What good friends I`ve got!

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