The Rabbit Gathering

What happens to the white spots on the baby rabbits’ fur?

A. they go away when the rabbits wash

B. they have the spots all their lives

C. they go away when the rabbits grow up

D. nothing happens to the spots

2. How are baby rabbits when they are born?

A. They get up and hop around like baby horses.

B. They are blind and weak.

C. They cannot see, but they are strong.

D. They are ready to leave the hole.

3. What do they use to feel their way around?

A. each other

B. their mother

C. the hole

D. their muscles

4. What do they gain as they get older?

A. a sense of smell

B. sensitive noses

C. understanding of smells

D. both B and C

E. none of the above

5. What does sensitive mean?

A. easily sensing or feeling

B. easily smelling things

C. easily hearing things

D. having difficulty smelling

6. What does clever mean?

A. bigger

B. smart

C. sensitive

D. relating to holes

7. What does weak mean?

A. not big

B. not old

C. not strong

D. not still

8. What does blind mean?

A. cannot hear

B. cannot see

C. cannot smell

D. cannot move

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