EXAMPLE: I love pizza. ⇒ I don’t lovepizza.

1 He is a student. ⇒ He (isn’t) a student. +

2 Peter works in an office. ⇒ Peter (doesn’t) in an office. +

3 My parents live in Arizona. ⇒ My parents (don’t) in Arizona. +

4 Suzan likes cats. ⇒ Suzan (like) cats. –

5 He has brothers and sisters. ⇒ He (hasn’t) any brothers or sisters. +

6 She speaks three languages. ⇒ She (speak) three languages. –

7 John and I want to be musicians. ⇒ John and I (wants) to be musicians. –

8 They play tennis. ⇒ They (plays) tennis. –

9 She gets home late. ⇒ She (get) home late. –

10 Anna and Paul live in the center. ⇒ Anna and Paul (live) in the center. –

2.omplete the following sentences choosing the correct present simple or present continuous forms.
You can take the newspaper. I _ it. a.‘m not reading b.don’t read c.‘m not read 2 I _ to work by car, but today I’m going by bus.

  1. You can take the newspaper. I — it
  2. a.‘m not reading+
  3. b.don’t read
  4. c.‘m not read

2. I _____ to work by car, but today I’m going by bus.

a.usually go –

b.‘m usually going –

c.usually going –

3‘Where is John?’ ‘He _____ a shower.’



c.‘s having+

4. I _____ sport very often.

a.‘m not doing

b.don’t do+

c.‘m not do

  1. Write the past simple forms of the regular verbs in brackets to complete these sentences.

1 I studied (study) all night yesterday.

2 We plaied (play) poker after dinner.

3 After escaping from prison, he robed (rob) a bank.

4 He started (start) playing chess at the age of 7.

5 We arrived (arrive) home very late.

6 We visited (visit) the Louvre while we were in Paris.

7 He tried (try) to escape.

8 I stoped (stop) smoking when I was 30.

9 When I was a child, I hated (hate) fish.

10 We really enjoied (enjoy) the concert. 5


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