Homework-My school

I like my school, because we learn a lot of interesting things there, also we play different games and go hiking with our teachers. Besides I have a lot of frineds in the school, so I spend good time with them. My school is called Mkhitar Sebastatsi after Armenian famous scholar Mkhitar Sebastatsi. Our school is educomplex, as there are several schools and colleges in it. My favourite place at school is the Farm, where we often go to ride horses. I would like to spend more time in the Farm and to see more domestic animals there. Our school has four branches and a lot of minibuses for children. This year we learn a lot of subjects but most of all I like Mathematics. When we come to school in the morning we gather in the yard to have our general lesson, when we sing and do some exercises, then we start our lessons. After lessons I stay for the prolonged lessons, where we play a lot and do our homework, And at 5 o’clock I return home.

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