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  1. I don’t like playing tennis.
  2. Do you like watchin soap operas on TV.
  3. My brother likes swimming in the sea.
  4. Her cat doesn’t like drink milk.
  1. I can juggle but I can’t swim.
  2. My Dad can stand on his head and he can walk on his hands.
  3. Tessa can play football but she can’t rollerblade.
  4. Kylie and Annie can’t sing but they can dance.
  1. A: Hi, Liz. What are you doing?
    B: I am reading a book.
  2. A: Can I talk to Claudia, please?
    B: No, sorry. She is having a shower.
  3. A: Are Peter and Angela here?
    B: Yes. They’re in the living room. They are watchin TV.
  4. A: Where’s Rick?
    B: He’s in Emma’s room. He is looking for a CD.
  5. A: Which girl is Caroline?
    B: That’s her, over there. See? She is dancing with Jack.
  1. entsin-tennis.
  2. lovelblyal-volleyball.
  3. ygrub-rugby.
  4. looflabt-football.
  5. askalbetbl-basketball.
  6. ycelc-cycle.
  7. yngsmstic-gymnastic.
  1. kitchen.
  2. fridge.
  3. living-room.
  4. table.
  5. bathroom.
  6. shower.
  7. sofa.
  8. bedroom.
  9. toilet.

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