How king Alfred learn to read

How king Alfred learn to read -կատարել արաջադրանքները

  1. Why are many stories and legends told about Alfred the Great? He was known as a just and fair ruler. That is why he has earned the title the Great. Many interesting stories and legends are told about him.
    2. Why didn’t the Queen give the book to her sons? The Queen didn’t give the book to her sons, because they couldn’t read.
    3. Why was Alfred able to claim his prize? Alfred studied hard and learnt to read.
    4. Why did Alfred encourage people to study in schools? Because he thought that knowledge is more valuable, than force.
    5. Why did people call their King, Alfred the Great? Because he was known as a just and fair ruler.

Match the words with their meanings.

1. able to learn quickly-c. clever   

2. not the same-b. different 

3. always calm, showing self-control-a. patient  

4. something that is important or costs a lot-d. valuable

5. having a practical purpose, helpful-e. useful

6. acquire complete knowledge or skill-f. to master

7. to govern, to guide-g. to rule

8. a popular story, perhaps untrue-h. legend

9. worry-i. care 

10. just-j. fair

Match the  English and Armenian meanings.

1. claim-c. պահանջել                            

2. encourage-h. քաջալերել                   

3. force-e. ուժ                           

4. master-g. տիրապետել                         

5. patiently-i. համբերատարությամբ                     

6. proudly-b. հպարտորեն                      

7. rule- j. կառավարել                            

8. lean-k. հենվել                          

9. sword-d. թուր                         

10. valuable-f. արժեքավոր                   

11. educated-k. կրթված                 

12. eager-a. եռանդուն                        

Learn how to write a book review.

The title of the book is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The author of the book is a famous American writer- Mark Twain. It is a satirical novel for children. The story is about the adventures of a fun- loving boy- Tom Sawyer and his friends- Huckleberry Finn and Becky Thatcher. Tom lives with his aunt Polly in a small town, called St. Petersburg. The story took place in the 1840s. The book is very interesting, I enjoyed it very much. My most favourite character is Huckleberry Finn, who was very smart and brave and always helped his friends. I would recommend this book to all my friends. 

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