The dog and the Cat

Once there lived a pussy cat

Who was very fat, he made warm things

For cats and kittens

One fine day a dog came

-Hello, I haven’t got a hat, I am very cold, I want a hat. What do you say?

-O.K, Come on Friday!

On Friday morning the dog came

– “Is it ready, my hat?” And where’s the Cat?”

-He is not at home yet

-Waiting for me, don’t worry. You will get your hat.

-I want my hat, I don’t want to chat

-Come on Friday at three o’clock.

So again the dog came, but there is no cat, no hat

-What hat, we don’t have a hat for you….

-You’re just a thief!”

-And you’re a liar

Things went from bad to worse

Till it got to court

Since that day,

On seeing one, an honest dog

Starts growling at the cat

As if he wants to ask again,

Well, what about my hat?”

The cat just hisses in reply and runs away

So that’s all we want to say.

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